CAIR, yeah, I care

CAIR, by the way, is an acronym for Council on American Islamic Relations. They produced this billboard in southern Florida. “Explore the Life of Prophet Muhammad,” it states.

Well, the number one web site to explore the life of Mohammed is actually Little Green Footballs. There you will find daily articles about the “Religion of Peace” and how its followers choose to practice peace. You will also find some of the wittiest comments and commentators on the Internet.

I felt the need to modify the image on this billboard, so, instead of climbing 100 feet in the air with a can of spraypaint, I fired up Photoshop… There, fixed it!

2 Responses to “CAIR, yeah, I care”

  1. Urban Infidel Says:

    This is my all-time fave!

    Still cracks me up!

  2. bunuel Says:

    agree with what you say about lgf-ers.

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