(2007-01-01) Is one picture really worth 1,000 words? While our President works to bring democracy to Iraq, is some Saudi Arabia financed organization working to undermine our democracy in the United States and replace it with Islamic rule?

2 Responses to “Democracy”

  1. the friendly grizzly Says:

    Seeing how George Bush sucks up to the leaders of the two countries causing us the most problems, I have to ask myself: what do Vincente Fox and King Abdullah have on him?

    I have this image in my mind of Abdullah on one end, Fox on the other, Jorge Arbusto in the middle. They are all doing things that the GOP has built a base on condemning.

  2. the friendly grizzly Says:

    For the record, and lest you think I am a Kotz Kid: I voted for GWB twice. I had no other choice.

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