Islamic Eyewear


(2007-01-03) Breaking – Associated Press source, Captain Jamil Hussein, calls with details:

Greetings, Infidels! Working in co-operation with Islamic Optical we have developed these new AccuView Eyeglasses. Enjoy!


11 Responses to “Islamic Eyewear”

  1. Macker Says:


  2. JammieWearingFool Says:

    Welcome to the blogworld. I know you’ll enjoy it. Though you may want to reorder your blogroll. LGF certainly ranks higher than little old me.

  3. BZ Says:

    Good Job, my brother from another mother!

  4. Tanya Fleenor Says:

    ROFLOL funny! Great job!

  5. Urban Infidel Says:

    Love your artwork. Good luck with your blog! Can’t wait to see how you develope!

    Happy New Year!
    Urban Infidel
    aka NoSubmission @ LGF

  6. Karridine Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your thoughtful, well-reasoned posts at LGF. You have a gift here…

    As a visual caricaturist, I’ve often drawn people, but recently I’ve turned to audio caricaturing…

    If you EVER need a 30-90 second Voice Over, I’m your man! (NO CHARGE for you, EC!)

  7. Macker Says:

    And now, all that’s left to do is post individual stories, not cram it all into a single story….:)

  8. Ma Sands Says:

    Thank you. 🙂

    sincerely, an lgf-er

  9. Fear Bush Says:

    FearBush Technical Update

    Testing the new WordPress format….

  10. jOjOEofArcadia Says:

    LMAO in RI, very blue here, you know?

  11. BZ Says:

    Yes….. why keep a hollow symbol in the harbor?

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