Fox News – Breaking (Not)

You might make the assumption, perhaps, that it is the United States that is the cause of the explosion pictured. I leave that unanswered in this animated image.
Let’s see, the Shiite hate the Sunnis, the Saudi Wahhabi’s hate the Sunnis. So there is always the possibility that Iranians, apparently unfettered to build a nuke, might be glad to send one toward Mecca to inflame the Saudis, their rivals. After the Golden Dome incident, no shrine to Muslims seems off limits. Or, even the Saudis, with all of the petrodollars at their disposal, might already have secured a nuke and had an accident in preparing the device against Iran. Or, home grown radicals, such as wealthy Osama Bin Laden would take offence at some non-fundamentalist reform in the country.
The only reason I spent the time and effort to put together such a realistic image, is because we need to be jolted into the realization that some day that image might really be on their computer or television screen. That just cutting and running from the area is not going to solve the underlying issues. Diplomacy and negotiation with Iran has produced zero result. Not that I have the answer, I sure don’t.

11 Responses to “Fox News – Breaking (Not)”

  1. Sharku Says:


  2. Macker Says:

    Islam delenda est.

  3. fed up AMERICAN Says:

    Not soon enough, not big enough, islam must end.
    know islam = no peace
    No islam = Know peace

  4. Karridine Says:

    Although I admit to a certain emotional satisfaction to a straight-forward, cleansing effort on one of the prime sources of this disease-state now seeking to kill or enslave us (conversion being one form of enslavement, dhimmitude the other) yet it is the CLERGY who lead the Muslims into perdition!

    Muhammad’s message has ONE redeeming iota: He promises/prophesies the Coming of the Two Holy Messengers, the Qaim and the Mahdi, whose Coming, May 23, 1844 was met with brutal repression and pogroms, killing at least 20,000 of the early believers, because the Muslim clergy were unwilling to accept their own prophecies about the Year 1260 AH (1844 on the Christian calendar)!

    The Bab (The Gate) served as ‘John the Baptist’, preparing the way for the Promised One of All Ages and Religions. The Bab’s ministry was from May 23, 1844 until July 9, 1850 when He was hung by the wrists before a hostile crowd of 10,000 onlookers and shot by a Christian Armenian rifle regiment of 750 soldiers.

    Their bullets, however, only cut His bonds and He was found later in His cell, finishing His dictation to His amanuensis; then a Muslim regiment of 750 shot Him to death!

    The One for Whom He sacrificed His young life was Baha’u’llah, whose title means “The Glory of God.” His ministry, from 1853 to 1892 (Micah 7:15) was 40 years of unrelenting pain, ridicule, exile, imprisonment and suffering, wherein the Muslim CLERGY sent Him, in chains, to Baghdad; thence to Constantinople; to Adrianople and finally to the Ottoman empire’s filthiest prison, Akka, near Haifa.

    He gave His life to calling humankind to Justice, and the Oneness of Mankind forms the pivotal point around which all His Teachings revolve.

    Because He has raised up the Universal House of Justice on Mount Carmel, Haifa, Israel; because He has raised up a world community united in its love of God and its obedience to the Glory of God; because He has declared the equality of men & women in this Day, Muslim CLERGY hate His coming and make active, concerted efforts to keep the ummah from learning of Him or His teachings!

    But most of all, because Baha’u’llah has abolished ALL priesthoods (and sent letters to Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm, Napolean III, Pope Leo IX, Franz-Josef, Tsar Nicholas, Shah of Persia and the Government of America; even though He himself was in prison!) the Muslim CLERGY virulently hate His message of life, honesty, human dignity, male/female equality, the necessity for a rational, educated, chaste & holy life, moderation and productive engagement in a profession!

    So Muslims are left with hatred, misogyny, Arab supremacism, taqqiyah & kitman (lying & dissembling), and VIOLENT TERRORISM, urged upon them by the Muslim CLERGY!

    It is possible, in THIS Day, that at any time now someone with access to public communications media could catalyze the implosion of Islam, virtually overnight!

    Give them a chance to learn of the Glory of God, and turn to Him, first… THEN, if necessary to protect ourselves, use effective weapons.


  5. infallible1 Says:

    Are you sure you weren’t supposed to use the confederate flag up in the corner?

  6. paleo Says:

    Geez, I left it to the viewer as to where the nuke came from. Lets see, the Shiite hate the Sunnis, the Wahhabi’s hate the Sunnis. So the Iranians, anxious to build a nuke, would probably be glad to send one toward Mecca. But then, they all hate the Zionists! Sixty frekin years later. They sure can’t get that bug up their ass loose, can they? I can’t see how the Confederate flag fits in, myself. Feel free to enlighten. I can’t keep score of the hate over there. Maybe I don’t get it. So, blast away!

  7. madmouser Says:

    paleo, I understand your confusion and I agree that there is more hate in that area of the world than anywhere else. They all seem to be hate-filled with room for nothing else. I would suggest a neuton bomb to keep the infrastructure safe and only eliminate the human haters.

  8. infallible1 Says:

    I’m know for being equivocal, so don’t feel the hate. I’m just trying to hook people into my blog with jerkish comments.

    p.s. >> it’s not working.

  9. Urban Infidel Says:

    I like the way the crawl at the bottom ends with ‘Terror Alert REMOVED’.

  10. paleo Says:

    Urban Infidel – You’re the ONLY one to notice so far, out of about 500 plus views. Good eyes!

  11. Urban Infidel Says:

    Its the artist in me, Paleo!

    Old Eagle Eyes!

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