A Hero is Recognized

A United States Marine fell on a grenade so that his friends could live. The President of the United States, unable to control his emotions, shows the world his heart.

I can’t describe this hero better than this site, so please visit and leave a message.

5 Responses to “A Hero is Recognized”

  1. ChenZhen Says:

    Lemme guess, that pic is dated Nov 8 2006?

  2. paleo Says:

    Well, you made me laugh when I saw it was YOU. But when Jeb Bush gets drafted at the next GOP convention, I want to see the tears run down your face. FearBush.com will get another EIGHT years of life.

  3. Murqtaad Says:

    Can we get 8 years of Dan Quayle after that? I wanna see heads explode.

  4. paleo Says:

    Murqtaad: That would be the perfect textbook definition of “Cruel and Unusual” punishment to ChenZhen. Jeb would be cruel, Dan; unusual, to say the least.

  5. Urban Infidel Says:

    THanks for posting that link to Jason Dunham. It was one of the most deeply moving tributes I’ve seen.

    American Hero, Jason Dunham.
    May God rest his soul and keep him.

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