Don’t Nuke Me, I Don’t Support Him

Another WordPress blogger, here, created this graphic. The banner at the site says,

“An Iranian looking at Iran as a foreigner…”

I left a comment, please consider doing the same…

4 Responses to “Don’t Nuke Me, I Don’t Support Him”

  1. kamangir Says:

    Thanks for spreading this message.

  2. ChenZhen Says:

    It looks like a kung-fu stance. The Hua fist, probably. not bad

  3. carbon footprint Says:

    Interesting. Just last evening I was searching and reading Iranian blogs where much of the sentiment was like Kamangir’s. I think Western bloggers/readers should do the same in order to realize that so many of the youth of Iran are pro-West and are very disgruntled with their current government. I still remember the candlelight vigils that were televised after 9/11 of the Iranian people showing their support. Meanwhile the Palestinians were dancing in the street. The enemy of the free world is not the Iranian people, but the senile leadership. By the way, I check out your graphics/blog everyday. Keep up the good work.

  4. Karridine Says:

    You don’t support him?

    You didn’t sit by, silently, as he imprisoned, beat, murdered and hanged Baha’is?

    You stood to protest his monomaniacal insistence on developing atomic weapons and delivery-systems DESIGNED TO kill and maim and wipe out as many Jews and Baha’is in Israel as possible?

    You raised your voice against the whole system of imams and mullahs and misogyny and homophobia and brutality and racism today being propagated as “Islam”?

    Then maybe the nukes WILL BE hitting the right targets after all…

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