Before and After

Compare this photograph of Beirut, Lebanon, years ago:

To: Todays picture as Hizballah attempts to take over the government in order to wage war against the Infidels*:

* If you’re not sure what an Infidel is, I’ll make it easy for you. Pick up your Time Magazine “Person of the Year” issue and hold it in front of your nose. Then, repeat with your son, daughter, wife, etc. Unless you embrace Islam, you are an Infidel. Still worried about Rosie and Donald?

btw: Hussein Malla: Nice Photoshop work. I don’t think you’ve helped your side, though. It’s only proving to the world what a danger Hizballah and Islam is.

4 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. Urban Infidel Says:

    What Iran and her facilitator slaves bring the world. The situation there is going to hell, but that photo still looks just a *little* bit too smokey to me.

  2. paleo Says:

    I’m hoping that Charles can get a hold of a higher resolution picture. I’d be willing to bet (and I’m no bettor) that pic has been massively manipulated. If I’m right, the A/P will never release the high resolution version, and I won’t be able to prove it. That area looks nice in the before pic, it’s a shame Iran has so much money to spend. Meanwhile, their own people are priced out of fresh vegetables, housing inflation is 40% per year, they import almost 50% of their gasoline from other countries, unemployment is high,..

  3. ChenZhen Says:

    hey ec, did you get a ping from me for this post?

    I can’t get the trackbacks to work right now.

  4. paleo Says:

    Yeah, but I noticed that it came from myself (?) I think you did something wrong…

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