Breaking News: Hillary Clinton – How to deal with “evil and bad men”

From the New York Post

Hillary Rodham Clinton left caucus-goers here yesterday believing that Bubba had given her a baptism by fire in how to deal with “evil and bad men.”

The one-liner came in response to a question shouted at the former first lady from the audience asking whether she had the mettle and experience to deal with evil and rotten men – like terrorist Osama bin Laden and the tyrants of North Korea and Iran.

Clinton grabbed the mike and told the audience that the questioner wanted to know “what in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men.” She then smiled, raised her eyebrows and nodded knowingly at the questioner.


Yup, Hill, it’s just that simple. How can I be so stupid? Can we now gather around the campfire, sing Kumbaya, and drink the kool-aid?

Hillary Clinton wants to equate dealing with a mass murdering, self financed multimillionaire, psychotically obsessed with an ideology bent on world domination and the decadence of Western civilization, hiding in the most remote and inaccessible, inhospitable part of the world, with her ability (or lack of) to control a husband that can’t keep his “pecker in his pocket?” Am I to believe that by simply nodding knowingly at the questioner she actually answered the question? Spare me. Wasn’t she the last person in the world to come to the realization that her husband was unfaithful? The moonbats can bark all they want to, I’ve seen enough already. She has already reached the pinnacle of her ineptitude, she need venture no further.

3 Responses to “Breaking News: Hillary Clinton – How to deal with “evil and bad men””

  1. Urban Infidel Says:

    Lurve the way Dinnerjacket’s fingers are pointing the wrong way holding the bible!

  2. paleo Says:

    I can’t get away with anything with you can I? 🙂 I was getting lazy and stole Bills fingers and never got around to reversing the direction. I ended up with something like 15 layers to put that pic together.

  3. Urban Infidel Says:

    Bill’s fingers! I like it.

    It gives it that odd ‘medieval painting’ look.

    Hillary and bin laden actually make a nice couple! LOL!

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