“Not so fast, Hillary!”

Oh God! Nader may run again

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader on Sunday left the door open for another possible White House bid in 2008 and criticized Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton as “a panderer and a flatterer.”

Asked on CNN’s Late Edition news program if he would run in 2008, the lawyer and consumer activist said, “It’s really too early to say. … I’ll consider it later in the year.”

Nader, 72, said he did not plan to vote for Clinton, a Democratic senator from New York and former first lady.


4 Responses to ““Not so fast, Hillary!””

  1. Urban Infidel Says:

    I use to have a corvair. Great cars.

    Nader will drain votes from billary. so, as annoying as it is, its a good thing.

  2. ChenZhen Says:


  3. ggwfung Says:

    these parties end up fighting amongst themselves.

    Nothing like competition.


  4. babychaos Says:

    I’m just giggling and giggling over billary.

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