Sit right there, big fellow!

12 Responses to “Sit right there, big fellow!”

  1. kamangir Says:

    This is nice. 🙂

  2. Karridine Says:

    Ahmadinejad is SUCH a moral, mental and physically stunted human that I would laugh out loud if it weren’t for Ahmadinejad’s denial of the Glory of God, and his subsequent pogrom against all the Iranians who recognize the Glory of God in Baha’u’llah.

    And here Ahmadinejad sees the Baha’i World Center atop Mount Carmel, in Haifa, the very crosshairs of Ahmadinejad’s racist hatred! If he could drop a bomb on Haifa now, he’d get two for the price of one!

    And then he has the GALL to publicly declare his devotion to the Hidden Imam, Whom the Koran predicts will come in 1260 AH…

    Wait one! Isn’t 1260 AH the same year as 1844 AD? Doesn’t the Holy Bible have a dozen references to the importance of 1260? Hasn’t Iran seen the coming of the Glory of the Lord?

    What would happen if Ahmadinejad were to Google “May 23, 1844” ?

  3. Urban Infidel Says:

    Good one!

    Somebody give that dictator a McDonald’s Happy Meal before he gets cranky!

  4. paleo Says:

    Urban Infidel
    Good idea, I like that. Done!

  5. Urban Infidel Says:

    falling off my chair laughing!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. horselittlegirls Says:


  7. Eye Opener Says:

    Ahmadinutjob, playing with the big boys!

  8. Macker Says:

    That should have been a McRib sandwich the DinnerJacket shoulda munched on!

  9. Karridine Says:

    You just got linked AGAIN at LGF!

    Fine. This pic deserves a second viewing. (Hat Tip “Mandy Manners”)

  10. Vas Deferens Says:

    He probably paid half price for his airline ticket. The F*cking dwarf.

  11. Karridine Says:

    More Photoshop tomfoolery from the Iranian Dwarf Hamster, duplicating missiles…

  12. Outrider Says:

    I think it would be funny as hell to Photoshop a red binder on the little table. ;-)>

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