Islamic Justice – Islamic Republic of Iran

Name: Nasrollah Shanbhe Zehi (نصرالله شنبه‌‏زهی).
Date of Committing the Crime: 14 February 2007.
End of the Investigations: 15 February 2007 (less than 24 hours after arrest).
End of Trial and Issue of the Verdict: Unknown (probably it was an “order”).
Date of Announcing the Verdict: Unknown.
Date of Appeal: Unknown.
Date of Retrial: No retrial in Allah’s government.
Date of Execution: 19 February 2007 (less than four days after the end of investigations).

Hat Tip to Kamangir

Did Iran present the doctored image in my prior post as evidence at the trial? Where are Ramsey Clark and Jhimmi Carter talking about human rights abuse? Where is the outrage? Or are they falling for the Iranian government (FARS) fake photos, too?

4 Responses to “Islamic Justice – Islamic Republic of Iran”

  1. Serendip Says:

    Excellent post and point? Where are Carter et al? Iran so far has executed 2.10 individuals per day….The killings and the mass murders of dissidents that the mullahs have been conducting since 1979 dwarf anything the late Shah and his father did during their 50-year reign.

    Please checkout amnesty international library on Iran:

    Holy Crimes of IRI Documented:

    The Islamic indoctrination of hate against the West on a daily basis taught to impressionable school children as young as 7, the stoning, hanging, and maltreatment of women and dissidents in Iran is the most barberic and cruel form of totalitarianism. Two generations of anti-American haters learning to value death over life and whose main goals in life are to destroy Israel and US…And if you think you and your family are immune from it, you’re in for a rude awakening. A Defeated Male (the only thing that explains martyrdom/suicide/homicide syndrom) means the endangered world we live in now.”

  2. carbon footprint Says:

    Good one ec marm.

  3. Matt Says:

    How many people have the US assasinated in the past 12 months?

  4. paleo Says:

    Not nearly enough, apparently.
    (H/T BZ)

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