Iranian Student Protest

(February 22, 2007) A peaceful display of pyrotechnic technology as Iranian students set fire to American, British and Israeli flags. It warms my heart to think of nuclear technology in the hands of these future leaders of the country. But what am I thinking? Iran is a theocracy, the real power is in the hands of a few religious leaders. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is just a figure head, traveling the world and the Iranian countryside, spewing Anti-America rhetoric to the masses of America haters.

The nearest equivalent to the Iran political situation would be if a Pat Robertson type took control of the United States in a coup d’etat.  Daily searching the Bible, he finally settles on passages in the chapter of Revelations as his guide.  Deciding that devine intervention is the only way to bring his version of religion to the world he begins research and construction into the ultimate doomsday weapon.

One Response to “Iranian Student Protest”

  1. serendip Says:

    Great analogy.

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