More Iranian Fauxtography?

(February 24, 2007) Scary picture, right? From FARS (Iranian news service) alledgedly taken during recent military maneuvers.

Well, let’s take a closer look. Start with this:

(Picture from Associated Press France) Link:

Interesting transformation when the image is morphed in Photoshop. Where the projectile used to be is now scary flame. A new wire appears on the right side, too. The scary heat mirage suddenly appears, although the projectile has not had enough time to push the heat forward. The top of the truck cab should have an orange glow to it, from the flame passing across it, yet it is still white. Huh?

I don’t know if I’m sure yet. I want to find the rest of the background. Rueters, you listening? A little help here? Was this originally an APF photo, that has been scarified?

2 Responses to “More Iranian Fauxtography?”

  1. serendip Says:

    Impressive. well done

  2. Tim Parkin Says:

    just looks like the second shot in the series?

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