The Most Inconvenient Truth of All

Hat Tip for Photo

In October 1962, in elementary school, I learned how to pull my chair out and crouch under my desk in the event of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. I helped my father clean out a tiny little damp, cold, and dirty room in our basement, and helped him stack cans of food and water on the filthy shelves. I watched as he cut a piece of plywood to fit over the single solitary window in the room. I listened in fear one night, in the middle of the crisis, to the sound of our little towns siren, which was programmed to sound for three minutes in the event of a nuclear attack, when it was inadvertently tested one night. I read from cover to cover the civil defense brochures that my father brought home from the fire house. I was probably just a little older than the child in the picture above.
I thought those memories were lost forever but they all came back when I read this link posted yesterday:

Israel will next month stage its first-ever nationwide drill simulating a nuclear and chemical missile attack on its cities, rescue services said Monday.

The exercise was initiated by the army’s homefront corps in the wake of last summer’s war in Lebanon and Iran’s calls for the destruction of the Jewish state and its controversial nuclear programme.

Israel suspects is Iran is aiming to develop an atomic bomb, but Tehran insists its programme is for civilian energy purposes.

The main scenarios which will be simulated are a massive rocket attack on cities as well as a “conventional and non-conventional missile attack,” Magen David Adom rescue services spokesman Yerucham Mandola told AFP.

During the drill — which will include army rescue forces, police, medical and firefighting services — air-raid sirens may be sounded across the entire country.

The Hezbollah militia fired over 4,000 rockets against northern Israel during the war last summer, killing more than 40 civilians and paralysing the region’s industry and economy.

During the 1991 Gulf War, Israeli citizens were equipped with gas masks out of fear of a chemical attack. None of the missiles fired from Iraq against Israel were equipped with chemical warheads.

But the left leaning citizens of the United States seem to have some sort of innate ability to ignore the savage history of our planet. Why worry about something that may never happen, and by the way, what do you think about Britney and Anna Nicole Smith? God forbid they think about something of substance, something that almost certainly will end the lives of millions of Iranians and Israeli citizens, or may bring about the end of civilization? Nope, easier to toss epithets like warmonger, racist, Islamophobic, and right wing Nazi around at those annoying individuals that ignore the real issue, Global Warming.

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