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‘Britons Could Attack Us’
Updated: 11:38, Friday April 06, 2007

The man charged with protecting Americans from terrorist attack has told Sky News he is worried radicalised Britons could try to mount an assault on his country.

Michael Chertoff, the Head of Homeland Security, said the US needed further protection from so-called “clean skins” in Britain or Europe.

That is the name given by the intelligence community to those people who feel alienated but have not come to the attention of the authorities.

Mr Chertoff confirmed America had foiled some terrorist attacks but warned his countrymen not to become complacent.

The interview on Sky News came on the eve of the politician’s first meeting with Home Secretary John Reid.

Mr Chertoff spoke to presenter Anna Botting about the threat of terrorism, the foreign policy of the West and the contentious Passenger Name Records system.

He said the US was “not hysterical but not complacent” about the terror threat and claimed the enemy was “focused”.

The anti-terror chief also defended plans to check all 10 fingerprints of visitors to the US.

He said it was the “best tool” against terrorism and denied it was next step to taking DNA from passengers.

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