Nothing that a Good ‘Ol Aśś Kicking wouldn’t fix

At first I thought this photograph was from the recent Portland, U.S.A. flag burning protest. Then I noticed the profusion of “oppresed” burka clad women in the background, clapping and cheering.

Click photo for larger image:

5 Responses to “Nothing that a Good ‘Ol Aśś Kicking wouldn’t fix”

  1. Tylor Says:

    Who’s ass are you refering to exactly? I’m hopeing you don’t mean theirs unless you enjoy exchanging hate for hate.

  2. Erik Says:

    Taylor: Hate for hate, no, is see his point for as Justice for hate, punishment for hate, or better yet; payback.

  3. Tylor Says:

    You don’t seem to realize, payback (and I’m not sure what you claim to be paying those people back for) is revenge and revenge is fueled by hate. Also, it’s Tylor not Taylor.

  4. babbazee Says:

    Oh please.

  5. Urban Infidel Says:

    Tehran, Portland,,, same thing.

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