Virginia Tech

A survivor of the Holocaust died on Holocaust Remembrance day in the shootings at Virginia Tech.

WASHINGTON – Prof Liviu Librescu, a senior researcher and lecturer at Virginia Tech, is among the 32 people who were killed during a shooting rampage at the university Monday. His wife, Marlina, and two sons, Arieh and Joe, have already begun making arrangements for his burial in Israel.


Prof Librescu and his wife are both Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Israel from Romania in 1978.


Three Virginia Tech professors confirmed dead so far, complete list of victims, here.

The head of campus security?

One Response to “Virginia Tech”

  1. em Says:

    Please read my tribute to a great man … tiny in stature, advanced in years … barring the doorway with only your body, with no way to lock the door, in order to save the young in your care. Would you have done it?

    Please Honor the man who did, Dr. Liviu Librescu.

    My article is at:

    In Gratitude,

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