Maroon Hat

Wearing a black leather coat and maroon hat, the gunman used
chains to lock the doors to the building from the inside before
beginning his killing spree.

For photograph of first victim:
Was gunman crazed over Emily?

A couple things that need to be disclosed
before “healing” and “closure” can begin:

1 Contents of note
2 Photograph of maroon hat
3 Travel history
4 Computer contents

3 Responses to “Maroon Hat”

  1. nicolemarie Says:

    travel history? how does this factor into it?

  2. deadbouncer Says:

    Love the whole *Hat* graphics….Nice.

    The Dead Bouncer

  3. paleo Says:

    I would much prefer that the FBI release any information as to travel history now, as opposed to waiting for the New York Times to print it.

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