“You made me do this.”

If anyone else would like to reply, please feel free.

My reply is simple, “Go back to hell, where you came from. I reject
your effort to put the blame for your murderous rage anywhere
but squarely on YOUR shoulders. I know who you are.”

2 Responses to ““You made me do this.””

  1. big haas Says:

    what r u serious dude , u r the wacko that didnt get any girls its not their faut ur ugly. i mean its no ones fault but ur own, there was no reason to muder those kids u coulda got some help bro, seriously u belong in hell u need to rot for what u did u took to many lives , for no reason all those poor kids u killed and that teacher god!!!!! i wish u were alive soo i could woop ur ass u fuckin asshole

  2. babbazee Says:

    well, then, what is there left to say after eloquence such as that?

    We know his real name. Stan.

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