♫ Ron Paul is Here ♫

A reggae tune for Ron Paul supporters?


Even funnier are some of the comments at YouTube from his supporters:

i got a stick of white shoe polish and wrote “who is ron paul?” on my windshield. think of how many people will see this before the primaries…now think about if all of us do this. setting the internet ablaze was a great start, now it’s time to set off the buzz on the streets!

Another comment (which I won’t repeat) with the telephone numbers of various radio shows

To vote Ron Paul you must register Republican!

BOOM. Ron has the neo cons scared!

A new guerilla marketing tool: Write “Ron Paul 2008” neatly on all
the currency you have in your wallet. As the money circulates through
the economy people will see his name and think “who is this guy?.” Do
it now everyone. And, so important. SPREAD THE WORD.
Wake up America! Freedom is calling you!!

You know the people are really behind Ron Paul when a reggae song is written for him!

We’re going to rent a car and or bus and play this while riding around Boston. Get the message out..we need ACTION…let’s have fun doing it too:

Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth ae911truth dot org

3 Responses to “♫ Ron Paul is Here ♫”

  1. thanos Says:

    This is beyond hilarious… where can I find some white shoe polish?

  2. Jimmy Says:

    Thanks for posting my video. I may make a few minor adjustments to the end, at the request of the band. I am really surprised at how many views this is getting. Heck, this YouTube version is not even the one that I uploaded. Amazing!

  3. Singapore Increase Web Traffic Says:

    It’s been really long since I started reading your posts and today I just want to say that your blog is great!

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