Fred Thompson on the Immigration Reform Bill

Let’s skip right to the money quote:

“No matter how much lipstick Washington tries to slap onto this legislative pig, it’s not going to win any beauty contests.” Fred Thompson

It’s nice to know how this not yet candidate feels on one of the predominate issues of the moment. I wonder how that other guy, what’s his name, from New York thinks about this legislation?

* crickets *

The multi-millionaire Senators, with public and private security, private jets, living in gated communities, know little of what it like to look out the window and see individuals “doing the jobs that Americans won’t” rooting through a neighbors trash for credit card offers or hanging out for hours in the backyard of a neighbors house as the husband and wife are at their full time jobs. Nothing to worry about, you say?

The source of the “money quote” above is from the Fred Thompson website. It’s well worth a read.

Also, a good idea to check out his stance on the issues. Here.


 “Did you guys see what Ted slipped into page 679? Those poor bastards will be back to working for $1.20 an hour before we’re finished. If they can find a job! Ha, ha, ha!”

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