State Department – Stay out of Iran

(Some recent photographs from the Islamic Republic of Iran) 

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The State Department on Thursday reiterated a warning to US citizens against travel to Iran, citing hostility against Americans.

“Some elements of the Iranian regime and the population remain hostile to the United States,” the department said in a statement.
“American citizens may be subject to harassment or arrest while traveling or residing in Iran,” it added.

“Recently, Iranian authorities have prevented a number of Iranian-American citizen academics, journalists and others who traveled to Iran for personal reasons from leaving and in some cases have detained and imprisoned them on various charges, including espionage and being (a) threat to the regime,” the statement said.

The department said that Iranian authorities may deny dual nationals access to the United States Interests Section in Tehran, because Iran does not recognize dual nationals as anything but Iranians.

At any rate, Iran does not have normal relations with the United States and cannot offer services to US citizens as it does in countries where it has a consulate.

The statement also warned of large-scale demonstrations as a result of government repression of minorities and resulting upheaval. Source

One Response to “State Department – Stay out of Iran”

  1. karridine Says:

    “…remain hostile to America and Americans…”

    What UNDERSTATEMENT! What diplo-speak!

    Iran’s government, a theocratic monster based on Islam, is more like VIRULENTLY HATEFUL OF any American concepts like ‘Freedom of Thought’ or ‘Equality of Men & Women’ or ‘Freedom of Worship’ or ‘Independent Investigation of Reality’ or ‘Rational Thought’ or ‘One-ness of Humankind’ or ‘Human Rights Are God-Given Rights’ or ‘Personal Responsibility’ or…

    Avoid Iran for a while.

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