Stolen Goods

I still feel pretty bad about that immigration bill. In the next presidential election national security is going to be the #1 issue. It is the #1 issue right now. Determining through legislation (which has more pages than the Holy Bible, btw) the intricacies of how to make criminals legal, is hardly on my list of the top 10 voter issues. Securing our borders is the broken  promise. This is a “Read my lips” issue – remember that?

But anyway, if you wondered what possible value the image above has – well maybe you print it out and mail one to these folks at this address:

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington DC 20003

Maybe they’ll figure it out…

3 Responses to “Stolen Goods”

  1. babbazee Says:

    this is excellent I have promptly stolen it

  2. Urban Infidel Says:

    YOu did this?

    Holy smokes, you’re good!

  3. paleo Says:

    No, stole it from Hot Air.

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