This animated file will display every Republican presidential candidate (plus a couple of potential) on screen for five seconds before continuing to the next. It is a very large file and make take some time to load the first pass.

For even larger view click Photoshop photo

I can’t help but pass along a short snip or two of this excellent article I just happened across which mentions a ( not yet) candidate that I’m eager to hear more from:

Well, after the debate, what’s a political junkie supposed to do? Check out the post-debate spin, of course. Where best to go when it’s a Republican debate? Fox News. And there, right as the debate ended, doing an exclusive and extended interview with Sean Hannity was . . . Fred Thompson.


Piggyback on the CNN debate. Make your case on your own terms to a motivated audience. Command more unfragmented air time than the candidates in New Hampshire. After years of botched or fitful public relations efforts by the Bush White House, after years of often-painful off-the-cuff remarks by President Bush himself, I want a Republican president and administration that are up to the challenges of the 24-7 news cycle, especially in a time of war. I’m looking for someone who’s able and willing to make the case for his own policies day after day. The Democrats and the media elites aren’t going to make it for you. On the contrary.

I have the entire video here, btw. But Fred Thompson is an actor. How are we supposed to take him seriously?

Republicans also have a soft spot for actors as their standard bearers. Enough said. Thompson has even played the president in his movie career, something Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t claim. In fact, when looking back at his White House days, Reagan once said he often wondered how a president could get by without the skills he honed in Hollywood.

I like parts of Giulina, parts of Romney, and a tiny sliver of McCain. I dislike a whole lot of the three of them. Fred?

Republicans also like the fact that Thompson has deployed his communications skills to advance largely conservative positions. It’s no secret that many Republican voters aren’t totally sold on any of their top contenders. Giuliani, McCain and Romney all have something that doesn’t make for a perfect fit with the folks who pick GOP candidates. It’s Giuliani’s liberal views on abortion and gay rights, McCain’s stands on campaign finance reform and immigration, and Romney’s policy migrations on almost all those issues. By comparison, Thompson is an authentic and consistent conservative who seems to have no doubt where he stands and how to communicate those stands to the public. Moreover, a new Pew Research Center poll shows he has broad potential appeal.

Broad potential appeal. Let’s all take a closer look.

Click here for the entire article



2 Responses to “Finished!”

  1. Urban Infidel Says:

    Was waiting for Ron Paul and there he is!


  2. karridine Says:

    The candidate’s name doesn’t mean a thing to me, its the HEART, MIND and PRINCIPLES that I want to see leading America!

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