Conspiracy of the Day

Before this conspiracy theory even begins, let me make it help to make it easier for everyone. Just for the record, despite being Christian, I too am a Zionist. After nearly 60 years of war, isn’t it time for some group of nations over there to just grow the hell up?

h/t Weasel Zippers

Well I was pretty serious on the upper part of this post. There is another version of the logo, too. I’m gonna make it real small, for now. But if you click on it you’ll get the full blown effect, so to speak.

11 Responses to “Conspiracy of the Day”

  1. WeaselZipper Says:

    That is friggen awesome!!!

  2. babbazee Says:


  3. Urban Infidel Says:

    Most excellent as always! But what was the problem with the original design? Did it spell out ‘I killed Paul’ or something?

  4. ChenZhen Says:

    It spells 2012, as in the year they’re hosting the olympics.

    I think I’m going to remember this the next time paleo puts a tinfoil hat on someone.

  5. paleo Says:

    This (despite being Wiki) is a good overview of the concept of locus of control:
    Some people are never able to accept responsibility for their own actions; some “other” entity is always responsible for the events that shape their lives. A perfect example would be the Middle East where millions of people blame the Jews for every negative aspect of their lives. They constantly invent new conspiracy theories every day, siting some piece of twisted information in the process. My purpose in this graphic was to beat them to the punch.
    Not that the Middle East is the only place this occurs. After all, there are actually some people in the United States that blame George Bush for everything wrong with their lives. But I don’t know too many of those people, do I?
    So I’m not donning the tin foil hat yet, okay?

  6. babbazee Says:


    you have no fucking sense of humor

    hallmark of the leaven filled left


  7. ChenZhen Says:

    I just get the feeling that some people have a problem with the olympics for some reason. All this ‘international goodwill’ and sentiments of peace and understanding really rubs people the wrong way.

    According to the Olympic Charter, established by Pierre de Coubertin, the goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

    Yea, icky?

  8. paleo Says:

    In a perfect world, Olympic athletes are not murdered to advance a political agenda. I lived through this one summer, when the cruel reality of islamic fascism slapped the world in the face:

    I can never look at the Olympics the same way. If you had watched this unfold, in real time, on your television screen I think you would understand.

  9. ChenZhen Says:

    Well, OK. If you want to dwell on an act of terrorism during the games 35 years ago, that’s your perogative I suppose. I can’t really comment on it, as I hadn’t been born yet. But Israel won their first gold medal in 2004, which to me, shows that they seem to embrace the underlying message of the olympics. I still believe in what the olympics stand for, even if they aren’t perfect.

    BTW- Why did you drag this into the FallbackLGF thread?

  10. paleo Says:

    Two reasons:
    I think you enjoy the attention.
    I was wondering if I was the only one that still feels that the Olympics is not all sweetness and kindness.
    /Who was that demon over there posting like crazy all day?

  11. ChenZhen Says:

    Looks like you weren’t the only one:

    To be fair, yours is animated!

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