Iran Ratchets Rhetoric

More threats from the Islamic Republic of Iran:

IRAN has threatened to launch a missile blitz against the Gulf states and plunge the entire Middle East into war if America attacks its nuclear facilities.

Admiral Ali Shamkhani, a senior defence adviser to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned that Gulf states providing the US with military cooperation would be the key targets of a barrage of ballistic missiles.

Shamkhani told the US journal Defense News that missiles would be launched not only at US military bases but also at strategic targets such as oil refineries and power stations.

Qatar, Bahrain and Oman all host important US bases and British forces are based in all three countries. Any Iranian attack would be bound to draw in the other Gulf Cooperation Council states: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

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One Response to “Iran Ratchets Rhetoric”

  1. karridine Says:


    Too long has this cowardly, hate-filled Baha’i-killer spewed his vile rhetoric into the hearts and minds of Iranians, fanning their hatred and feeding their ignorance!

    Too long has the Free World let this madman fester in purulent power, intent on ‘wiping Israel from the map’ of this world, Israel being the World Center of the Cause of God; Israel being homeland to the world’s Jews, and Israel having the Universal House of Justice AND the Shrine of the Bab, atop Mount Carmel, Haifa, The Holy Land!

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