That Pesky Little ‘Bumper Sticker’ Issue

As the apparent disconnect between fantasy and reality continues in Washington, D.C. over immigration reform, just what do those pesky jihadist types have in mind for this coming summer? While the word jihad translates as “struggle” just as “Mein Kampf” translates as “my struggle” it’s kind of senseless to argue the meaning of the translation when you see a graphic like this appear on a WordPress blog and the blog itself listed in the “Top Growing” category:

“Faint not nor grieve, for ye will overcome them if ye are (indeed) believers”
The Islamic State of Iraq
The March Towards Washington

A little technical note on that graphic. It has most likely been prepared using Photoshop and ImageReady. Using frames from a video of an Improvised Explosive Device ( IED) exploding; most likely recorded in Afghanistan or Iraq, the image was gradually morphed into the image of the United States Capital Building. Then the image of a shoulder fired weapon being pointed at the Capitol building. Is that indicating a warning or the next target?

At least the Capitol Police, unlike some of our political leaders, are keeping their heads out of the sand and have enacted new security restrictions around Capitol Hill.

New security restrictions around Capitol Hill that went into effect Saturday will move tour bus routes farther away from the Capitol complex. The U.S. Capitol Police say the new measures are precautionary and are not based on any known threats.

“Part of it comes from vehicle born improvised explosive devices,” said Capitol police spokeswoman Kimberly Schneider. “If we can prevent that from moving the threats further away from the Capitol then we certainly will.” Source

“Not based on any known threats?” Picture that.

2 Responses to “That Pesky Little ‘Bumper Sticker’ Issue”

  1. babbazee Says:

    they want to strike us everywhere, as often and as hard as possible.
    It is only a matter of time.

  2. m(ichelle) Says:

    But Babba~ you know that there isn’t REALLY a terrorist threat. Ask the democrats!

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