Hillary as Punster

Uh, Hillary… Don’t quit your day job, not yet:


Well, I have to be a little snarky, it comes with blogging. But I think she actually is kind of funny. If she had the political leanings of say, Margaret Thacher, she would be perfectly acceptable candidate for President. But there she is; all the way over on the left side with her conviction that Government knows best, is the answer to everyones problems, and if we only elect her, we’ll all discover that.

In my experience, the Government does not know best. It is a beast that needs to be continually fed, and will not only bite the hand that feeds it, but continue grazing on the carcass. It will force onerous environmental and worker safety rules on American business, then open the borders for American businesses to compete against countries that have ZERO regard for the environment or worker safety. In order to compete American business is forced to control costs, especially wages and health care costs. Pensions become a relic of a bygone era.

The net result? Lower wages for workers. Higher co-pays (actually they should be called no-pays, to be accurate), higher deductibles, higher contributions toward cost, longer waiting periods for eligibility. Fewer, if any, pension plans.

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