More 9/11 Truth

After yesterdays article and video of a computer simulation of a 767 being flown into the World Trade Center, I halfheartedly poked fun at the famous “Rabbit Cage” simulation which entailed the igniting of rolled up newspaper inside an enclosure using the type of fencing used to house rabbits with a cement block perched on top.

I shortly thereafter received an irate, barely intelligible e-mail from a subscriber to my RSS feed demanding equal time. The message was clear; well, as clear as any message written in ALL CAPS by the product of an underfunded, poorly staffed, back woods public school can be. No doubt, the “No Child Left Behind” program has been applied with excessive leniency in this case. Purporting to be from an organization with the unlikely name of RabitCage911truth he demanded that I; if I understand the logic correctly, rectify the “troof” about the “troof” and play his video. And support Ron Paul, too. Or something like that. Heh

(Click image for larger view)

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