Fred Thompson speaks on Iran

No nonsense talk from a (not quite yet) candidate for President: 

From Rueters:

By Katherine Baldwin

LONDON (Reuters) – Tougher sanctions or a blockade on Iran could help foment growing internal dissent to topple the government, former U.S. Republican senator Fred Thompson, a potential presidential candidate, said on Tuesday.

Military action must always remain an option and world powers must agree on the nature of what Thompson called the “very, very serious threat” from Tehran.

Thompson, who has taken an early step toward a 2008 presidential bid for the Republicans, suggested most Europeans did not view the threat from “radical Islamic fundamentalism” with the same gravity as most Americans.

Iran’s poor economy and domestic opposition to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could prompt “regime change”, Thompson said.

“We have a lot of friends in Iran who apparently feel their leader is trying to drive them off of a militant, religious extremism cliff,” he said.

“Some of these problems might work in our favor especially if we ratcheted the sanctions a bit more. I would think that certainly a blockade would be a possibility if we could get the international cooperation to do that.

“I think regime change might be an option … but you can’t take the military option off the table.” Thompson, an actor, answered questions after giving a speech in London. Balance of article

2 Responses to “Fred Thompson speaks on Iran”

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  2. Fred! Says:

    Good to know.

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