The 9/11 troofers, no longer content to indulge their fantasies on the Internet among other simple minded individuals, have taken to the streets. In the video below, a self proclaimed troofer “reporter” lies his way past security and attempts to engage Senator Hillary Clinton in debate. With a callous disregard for any level of respect due a Presidential candidate, he refers to her as “Queen Hillary, Hey, Queen Hillary.”


Of course, Ron Paul is represented at the end of the video as completely calm, rational, unfaded by an inane question. Ron Paul needs to shuck the support of these losers as soon as possible if he ever hopes to garner even 1% of the vote.

Only in America, under the “fascist BushHitler” regime, would these scum be able to pull a stunt like this and not spend the next few years in a cold damp cell. I may disagree vehemently with the politics of Senator Clinton, but there is some level of respect in a society that these clowns are unable or unwilling to give. As one that spends many hours of research on the Internet I can tell you that for every Jihadist site I find links to Ron Paul and to 9/11 “truth” sites. What is the common element to the three?

2 Responses to “RonPaulTroofersAlliance”

  1. America lover Says:

    translation: you agree with Hillary’s insane pro-war pro-big-goverment policies and worship the entire Bush-Clinton crime family.
    You are anti-American scum. Go back to the UK and take King W & Queen Hillary with you.

    America lover
    Can you read for comprehension?
    Why don’t you try reading it again, slower this

  2. karridine Says:

    Someone has a very poor “translating” skill, if any.

    Concur yr analysis. Even when (especially when?) we dislike the person’s policies, we honor ourselves by treating them with decent human respect and courtesy.

    But then, I’m one of those there Baha’is, “Dedicated to the Glory of God”…

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