The Human Rights Outrage in Iran Continues

Michelle Malkin joins blogs Gateway Pundit, Ali Eteraz, and Iran Focus in reprinting the latest batch of Iranian repression photos. Worth a look.

A note to Iranian bloggers that visit my site. Please continue to post your pictures and videos. I visit your sites and help to spread the word of these outrages.

The picture at the left displays the preferred method of public execution in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Another recent photo of flag burning in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Most likely accompanied by chants of “Death to the Great Satan, Death to the Little Satan.”

2 Responses to “The Human Rights Outrage in Iran Continues”

  1. bret Says:

    I don’t blame them – people like you want to nuke their country. Ya think they’d be a little upset?

  2. karridine Says:

    I thought ‘hanging from crane’ was the preferred method of execution for GIRLS who had the SHAMELESS AUDACITY to get RAPED!

    She IS wearing a chador, isn’t she?

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