OPEC #2 Exporter Has Domestic Issue

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a slight problem. Not the lake of oil under it’s soil that makes it OPEC’s #2 producer. No, it has decided to become the Middle Easts electricity baron and ignore construction of refineries to process its own crude into gasoline. Therefor, it imports approximately 40% of its gasoline. Which is expensive, and many Iranians have discovered that if they transport it across the border they can sell it for considerably more than they paid for it. Until gasoline rationing was instituted, that is:

_____ bomb iran _______________

Iran: Angry citizens burn gas station over rationing

Published: 06.27.07, 01:11 / Israel News

Angry Iranians set fire to a Tehran petrol station and chanted anti-government slogans in a northwest area of the capital on Tuesday in protest against fuel rationing introduced in OPEC’s number two oil producer. A witness said flames rose from the petrol station in a poorer area the capital, with cars burning inside. Some youths hurled stones and chanted, “Guns, fireworks, tanks, (President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad should be killed”, the witness said. (Reuters)





BBC Broadcasts:



Video of Lines of Cars waiting for Gas


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