Fairness Doctrine (Illustrated)

(Click for full size)

3 Responses to “Fairness Doctrine (Illustrated)”

  1. karridine Says:

    Fair = The socially-responsible among us collectively have the communal right to fairly explain reality to those right-crippled humans who are delusional about the Zionist entity, Global Warming and anything else we find pure and good.

    Unfair = any use of ‘logic’, ‘reason’, ‘logical fallacy’, ‘rational discourse’ or anything else socially-responsible lepto-communals like ME can’t deal with, you pin-headed racist!

    THAT’s the FAIRNESS Doctrine, and under it, YOU have NO RIGHT TO QUESTION MY OPINIONS, you hurtful slime wog!

  2. babbazee Says:


  3. karridine Says:

    Yes! I am strong, STRONG, ST-

    What? Waddayoo say just now?

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