Fourth of July Flag – Fort McHenry


The folks at Google have decided to commemorate the Fourth of July by symbolically disarming the American Eagle:


Update 11:17 a.m.: Looking at the image at 600 plus magnification in PhotoShop, there are no points visible on the “arrows” – They appear more like sticks or material to build a nest. There are two, possibly three sticks.

6 Responses to “Fourth of July Flag – Fort McHenry”

  1. christheprofessor Says:

    Excellent catch!

  2. realwest Says:

    Well OF COURSE Google would leave out the Arrows. You know that if they don’t approve of the Official Seal of the United States, why they certainly feel free to change it.
    Of course, WHY they’re free to change it never crossed their minds.
    That’s why I NEVER use Google anymore and encourage all who read this to do the same.

  3. SerenityFL Says:

    At first I didn’t catch that. I bet you $500 that thousands of others will not catch it or get it, either.

    Although, if I thought about it for awhile, I would wonder when I ever saw an eagle carry an olive branch. To me, the eagle signifies something tougher than a dove.

  4. SerenityFL Says:

    That should have said, “solely” as in “solely” carry an olive branch.


  5. Timbre Says:

    Today’s American pacifists are America-haters. As I posted at LGF, I wish they would move to a country where they would be happier, which would be just about any country in the world. But, being the hypocrites they are, they love staying here where freedom — bought and delivered by the blood of loyal and hard-working Americans — provides them a forum to denigrate those heroes and the country they serve. To all the real American heroes: I salute you and Happy Fourth of July Independence day!

  6. Timbre Says:

    Someone pointed out the Google eagle does have a few, small arrows; smaller than the olive branch. So I was wrong about the Google image. But I don’t think I’m wrong about American pacifists.

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