Pictures at an Exhibition

From FARS; the poster on the right reads:

The Commemoration Of
Sardasht Chem Cal
Bombardment Victims
Saddam’s Baath Regime 1987

(Click for larger view)

The Islamic Republic of Iran has not forgotten that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and was quite willing to use them. If one were to follow the logic of John Kerry, unless the entire world were to have been in complete agreement with the necessity to remove Saddam, the United States should never have removed this brutal, mass murdering dictator from office.

One Response to “Pictures at an Exhibition”

  1. Karridine Says:

    Good logic on YOUR part, good trashing of Kerry’s defeatist, anti-American rationalizing!

    The Iraqi/Saddam WMD were used against Iraqis, too…

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