Lizards Are Clam in the Face of Stan

In one of her frequent, funny neologisms, BabbaZee, commenting at LittleGreenFootballs coined the phrase “Lizards are clam in the face of Stan.” To the uninitiated, “Stan” is the codeword for Satan, and “lizards” are the commenter’s at Little Green Footballs. The word “clam” is a misspelling of calm. As promised, a Photoshop to illustrate:

(Click image for larger view)

7 Responses to “Lizards Are Clam in the Face of Stan”

  1. babbazee Says:

    I am hysterical over here that is GREAT

  2. ChenZhen Says:

    You know, you could have at least spelled her nic correctly.

    It’s Babba^craZee.

  3. thanos Says:

    Great work as always EC, this is funny as hell.

  4. greenmamba Says:

    “this is funny as hell.”

    Wow thanos, you are well traveled!!

    (Great job EC, not to mention babbazee for orange-grating the frays.)

  5. babbazee Says:

    Fuck you Chen Zen

  6. babbazee Says:

    Did I spell it right?

  7. Karridine Says:

    Clam as a lamb reading spam,
    I am…

    Sign me,

    Lee Zard

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