Poll From the Islamic Republic of Iran

Poll results from the Islamic Republic of Iran suggest an interesting divergence of opinion between the people and the religious leaders that currently have control of the country:

Poll: 70% of Iranians Would Recognize Israel

(IsraelNN.com) A comprehensive telephone poll of Iranians reported by the Wall Street Journal shows that Iranians are more pro-Western and less belligerent than their leaders. Asked what issue should top their national agenda, 29% of Iranians polled chose the nuclear arms race, whereas 88% picked economic improvement.

80% supported full international monitoring of their nuclear facilities and an Iranian commitment not to pursue nuclear weapons in exchange for foreign aid.

70% of Iranians were in favor of normalizing relations with the USA. “In exchange” for this normalization, most Iranians support recognizing Israel and “Palestine” as independent states and cessation of Iranian support for militias in Iraq. Source

3 Responses to “Poll From the Islamic Republic of Iran”

  1. frieda Says:

    I am not surprised..this anti-israel sentiment was not there before Mullahs came to power…and Mullahs got their marching orders from Arafat..Remember Arafat was the first foreign so called leader who visited Khomeni….

  2. serendip Says:

    Another interesting Poll from Iran:


  3. babbazee Says:

    It is always instructive to remember that ABRAHAM himself was a PERSIAN from UR when the LORD changed him into the “singled out” or Yehudi, Jew.

    Perhaps many Persians also remember this.

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