Tom Tancredo: Bomb Mecca

It is difficult to give an exact date when Muslims first declared war on the United States. Some would trace the first occurrence to the actions of the Barbary Pirates. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was the first American to research the “why” of he  Islamists.

In 1786, Thomas Jefferson, then the ambassador to France, and John Adams, then the ambassador to Britain, met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the ambassador to Britain from Tripoli. The Americans asked Adja why his government was hostile to American ships, even though there had been no provocation. The ambassador’s response was reported to the Continental Congress:

That it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman [Muslim] who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise

Fast forward two century’s and we witness almost daily attacks at the hands of Islamists. In the United States the World Trade Center was attacked twice and destroyed on the second attempt. Sixteen different plots to attack the country have been thwarted in recent years. Britain has suffered train and bus bombings and outrageous attacks against innocent civilians have been planned, prepared, and; except for the failure of timing mechanisms, would have enacted horrific consequences. Spain suffered a train bombing days before a major election. The list of countries with conspiracies, protests, murder, arson due to the Islamists is greater than the number of countries that do not experience such acts. Attempts to contain the problem in most countries rely on intelligence gathering, eavesdropping, and anonymous tips. The root cause is known; an ideology wrapped up and disguised as a religion. Nations have adopted a defensive posture to the threat within their borders. United States Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo feels that it is time to consider another option; striking at the heart of the ideology.

I believe the threat is real. I believe that unless you can think of a deterrent the threat will become a reality. At the present time, you have to deal with this reality. I know what I’m going to tell you is controversial, but again if somebody can show me an alternative to what I’m going to tell you, then I’m happy to listen. But right now, there is no deterrent to the commission of that crime – that act of terror. There is no negative consequence to the perpetrator. His death is not a consequence, from his or her position, point of view. What possibly can deter them, if it is not some threat to take some action that would threaten [what] their belief system tells them. What I mean by that is this: People who are committed to conducting an act of terror on the United States, and I mean something huge, nuclear devices going off in this country, if they’re driven by religious principles, if their modus operandi, their purpose, their raison d’etre, is to do what they believe their god is telling them, how do you deal with that without reacting to it from a standpoint of a religious response?

When I say a religious response, what I’m saying to you is doing what I said earlier when I talked about threatening the holy sites as a deterrent. Now that was a very controversial statement and everybody went ballistic about it, but again, if that isn’t a deterrent, fine. I’m more than willing to listen to anyone who tells me what a deterrent will be. Because you’d better find one. That’s my point, you better find a deterrent, because if you don’t have one, I guarantee you, you will have the event.

So I’m more than willing to listen, to have anybody tell me, Tom that won’t work because of X, Y or Z, but here’s what will be a deterrent. I’m willing to hear it. So far, nobody’s come up with anything, period. There’s nothing. Nobody has suggested a deterrent. What we do is try and stop them before they do it. Well, thank God we have been able to do so. But do you want to bet your life, your children’s lives on the fact that we always will be able to do so, we always will be one step ahead of them? I’m not willing to bet mine on that, and so I’ve got to figure out, and any president has to figure out, what is the deterrent. From World Net Daily

13 Responses to “Tom Tancredo: Bomb Mecca”

  1. babbazee Says:

    maybe I am in love

  2. elevenbravo1969 Says:

    What I learned at Forts Campbell and Lewis:

    Find the enemy, fix him, close with him and destroy him.

    I hope we have not dithered too long.

  3. Alexander Says:

    Does anyone have a better idea? Any ideas?
    Because if no one can think of any then by default Tancredo
    idea is reasonable.
    Maybe moderate muslims will help fight the radicals with us
    if they knew this was on the table.
    No one here in America ever wanted to nuke the Soviet Union!(Russia)
    But they knew even if they killed us with a first strike and most Americans
    would be dead,our missiles would launch.
    By the way…that is how the internet was born.
    The Dept of Defense needed a computer network that would survive
    a nuclear strike and get the commands out to launch.
    The policy was called MAD. short for mutual assured destruction.
    Today radical Islam is asking for it by threatening us with nukes.
    But if anyone has a better idea………

  4. Tony H. Says:

    Amazing. I’m not sure there’s a worse presidential candidate out there. Garling Gauge has a good take on it:

  5. hinduzionkafir Says:

    god damn! this guy is my new idol…,
    bravo. perhaps there is hope for us yet!!

  6. Syed Yaseen Ali Says:

    Tancredo………..made a big mastake……America with all its resources cant even think of attacking mecca………
    The only reason the American authorithies leave these STUPID comments on record, because they all know for sure that ISLAM is the best religion, and they dont want there followers to turn into MUSLIMs, thats why they are always labeling them as terrorists.
    ACCORDING to the BIBLE………..PROPHET MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H.) is the last messenger for the mankind………AND there is not a single unequivocal statement in the whole bible…..where JESUS CHRIST (P.B.U.H) himself says that ” I am god” and where he says “Worship me”

  7. bubba Says:

    Sorry you dirty towel head. We can and will most likely bomb your sorry sandal wearing family off the face of this planet. We did it before and will do it again. You are just another “ism” we will wipe off our shoes and move on.

    The really funny part is that the more stupid crap you guys do. The faster you are headed for the big bomb. Go asks the stinking Japs. They are still glowing.

  8. BROAD PEAK Says:

    why are you hesitating , why dont you drop your american nuclear bomb by now and see what happens. you are coward who could not win the war in iraq with all your might, two super powers and many christian countries are fighting against unarmed iraqies. you are cowardly raping, tortureing and murdering muslims in iraq since last five years who have not attacked on america.
    if you ever attack on muslim holy sites than pakistan will come up with its more than 800 atomic bombs………..

  9. jasnis Says:

    Oh USA…. U bomb MECCA, we will kill every american and bomb all Ur business premises on earth including american muslims who support the bombings.

  10. bubba Says:

    Pakistan and the rest of you dirty sandies will glow. Why dont you stop acting like women and come out and fight? I have seen how you all fight a war. Wearing dresses and hiding. You are cowards and you are weak. Fighting us head on is going to be the worst mistake you ever made.

    You retards wanted to start a religious war, well now you have one. Its unforunate that you didnt plan any better though. This is gonna hurt you guys. I wonder how long until we can wipe out Iran and put in a Wal Mart with low low prices.

    ps- come and get all your freaking people out of our country. Take them back to you crappy schools and bombed out huts. We dont need any more psycho rags heads here.

  11. Syed Yaseen Ali Says:

    Do watever u want to! say watever u want to say!
    But just remember one thing, u’ll be on the losing side in the end!!
    TALIBAN is like a fire, whoever come near it burns…………dont u remember the russians, they lost as well. Now u Americans are losing really very badly there……JUST WAIT AND SEE

  12. bubba Says:

    I think I will start selling Tshirts for my new pork bbq restaurant called “MoHAMeds”. We will have a picture os Mohammed as pig kissing Uncle Sam’s rear end. Our theme song will be to the tune of “Dont Worry be happy” by Bobby Mcfarren except our version will be “Dont Worry, Nuke Mecca” If I hurry I can get some street cart vendors out just in time for Ramadan. For the kids we will have little kiddie meals with a cartoon character telling them how the infection of the world called Islam must be wipped off the face of the earth along with all its followers. The crusades worked before. I bet they will again. I just hope it starts soon enough for me to get in on the action.

    No one here cares what the third world of the middle east thinks. People here just want you dead. Thats it. The funny part is that you spend all day trying to think of way to hurt us and we spend most of our day not even thinking about you. It rocks here and all of your shitty bombed out crappy hut liven people are almost not worth our time. You had to bomb us to get our attention. We were too busy ignoring your poor dumb inbred asses. Well pucker up baby cause your days coming.

  13. Dath Obama? « Paleo Lithics Says:

    […] This is an old photograph from Pakistan, shortly after Tom Tancredo made his famous ‘nuke Mecca’ comment. I just noticed today the “Dath Obama” sign at the top and the name on the head […]

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