Hillary’s New Look For The Primammaries

This has to be a joke. The cover in lower right corner reads, “Why Bill is Back”

Is this Harper’s Bizarre?

Who could possibly imagine (with the exception of husband Bill) that picture is flattering? I am sure that Hillary had the final say on what picture ended up on the cover of that magazine. Is this what the future would be like, with Bill calling the shots for her?

Fun with Photoshop:

6 Responses to “Hillary’s New Look For The Primammaries”

  1. Urban Infidel Says:

    I am falling out of my chair laughing!

  2. serendip Says:


  3. Karridine Says:

    Isn’t THAT one of the crimes of our Age? “Quick & Easy Ideas”…?

    Quick and Easy Ideas that sound good, feel good, encourage self-esteem but solve nothing, prolong the problem and fail to satisfy?


    Maybe they meant Hillary… quick and easy…

  4. mika Says:


  5. karissa Says:


  6. hehehehe Says:


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