Iran and Iraq, the difference


A Photoshop image for those unable to see the difference between Iran and Iraq. The human rights abuses that occur every day in the Islamic Republic of Iran would tear the heart of any human being. Sixteen prisoners have been hung in the past two weeks. Some have been suffocated, their legs kicking wildly in the air as their throats are constricted. A stoning occurred in the past month, for the crime of adultery. The female partner is in Evan prison waiting to be stoned to death herself.

Meanwhile, the anti-war drumbeat in the Democrat Party beats louder as a small minority of the party attempts to exert control over the spineless leaders. They can not win, but will embolden the enemy.

The honor guard picture was borrowed from this site. An interesting read about the lives of our soldiers and medical personnel in Tikrit, Iraq.

Interestingly enough, according to a recent poll, 92% of the people of Iran have an issue:

A new survey reveals that 92 percent of the subjects of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s totalitarian government do not believe their nation’s role is positive, and two-thirds would support a “Velvet Revolution” to remove him from power.

The survey, by the Center For the Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights, found that almost six out of 10 Iranians would support a foreign military action for the purpose of taking Ahmadinejad out of the role as dictator.

“There is clearly a huge distinction between the Islamic Republic of Iran and its intentions as a regime and its people,” reported Said Jabbari, a senior analyst with the center. World Net Daily

One Response to “Iran and Iraq, the difference”

  1. serendip Says:

    I think it’s Evin not Evian. The medieval republic is an agent of de-establization all over the ME.

    Paleo: Thanks. I fixed it.

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