Newt Gingrich speaking before Christians United for Israel speaks of Jhimmah Carter, Ronald Reagan, the Cold War and other Conservative issues.

“We can be reasonable and surrender, or we can defeat them.”


Newt Gingrich: U.S. Fighting ‘Phony War Since 9/11’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich charges that the United States has been waging a weak and “phony war since 9/11” and continues to lose ground to radical Islam.

In a speech to the annual conference of Christians United for Israel, Gingrich charged that instead of fighting to win, President Bush is now pursuing appeasement through a proposed Mideast peace conference.

Comparing that to the attempted appeasement of Nazi Germany at Munich before World War Two, Gingrich said, “We don’t have a peace process. We have a surrender process.”

Gingrich said the United States and Western civilization are in a global conflict with radical Islam, and must choose between victory and surrender. Source

One Response to “Newt!”

  1. babbazee Says:

    Oh… this is good
    If he runs I will have to vote for him

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