Subliminal Message From Time Magazine?

(Click for larger image)

The latest issue of Time Magazine features the Reverend Billy Graham on the cover. With just a little help from Photoshop, the subliminal message suddenly appears!

(The ‘M’ in TIME forms devils’ horns!) 

8 Responses to “Subliminal Message From Time Magazine?”

  1. em Says:

    Thanks for the input.

    With a severely limited independent press, which has been largely-strangled by their corporate ownership’s “agenda” and “allegiance” to super-powerful global interests, there are only tiny openings to get the real messages “out” to us.

    Without disparaging Billy Graham on a personal level, this visual “whistle-blower” got by the censors, under the radar, and made a social (and possibly political) comment or warning to the rest of us.

    Many government officials, office-holders, rulers, business and social-service elite and press “know” the real way the world works, with a secret uber-government whose global agenda benefits no-one and nothing in Nature, except themselves, as well as an active agenda and plan threatening our Freedoms.

    Most of us have our head in the sand. I do not know how many people will pick-up on this graphic commentary at TIME, but maybe your showcasing it will help other people begin to make their own Journey to the Truth.

    Only with greater numbers of the common citizens involved, can we begin to provide a crucial Balancing for fairness and freedom. Start with the serious problem of the usurpation of the Codex Alimentarius through the World Health Organization and World Trade Organization.

    Best to all — Em
    P.S. Please come visit my blog
    “Everyone knows someone who needs this information!”(TM)
    Use it for prevention and for sharing.

  2. manicsuicide Says:

    There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was done on purpose. There’s no way this could have “slipped” by. Either way it’s an interesting commentary, done in an interesting way.

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  4. a friend Says:

    There are subliminal messages written on EVERY magazine cover. Look closer. There are words all over them.

  5. music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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  7. kether1985 Says:

    Very interesting, have you been able to find the subliminal text in the faces of certain people that have been on Time magazine I’m looking for the pictures of these.

    Specially after seeing the popular superbowl commercial that shows the murder and kill text as clear as day on peoples faces then them telling you it doesn’t exist.


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