More Tancredo ‘Blowback’

Straight talking Presidental candidate Tom Tancredo, who incensed Islamists by openly conjecturing on bombing Islamic Holy sites as retribution for another 9/11 level of attack on the United States, has come under attack from the head of Mecca’s Municipal Council. Who’s going to be next to comment, the head of Holy Bible publishing destroying in Saudi Arabia?

A Saudi official has condemned Tancredo’s comment that the best way to deter a nuclear assault on America is bombing Islam’s holiest sites.

Abdul-Mohsen Al-Sheik, head of Mecca’s Municipal Council slammed a US Republican presidential candidate’s recent comment that the best way to ward off a nuclear terrorist attack on America would be to threaten to retaliate by bombing the Islamic holy sites, Mecca and Medina.

Abdul-Mohsen Al-Sheik said he was disappointed that the Republican Party did not issue an apology for Tom Tancredo’s remarks.

“Neither … Tancredo nor anyone else can strike the Kaaba in Mecca,” Al-Sheik said in a statement released late Monday.

The Kaaba is a cube-shaped stone structure draped in black cloth that Muslims around the world face during daily prayers. Muslims believe Abraham built it.

“If this candidate had a minimum knowledge of history, then this site would be holy for him before it being holy for Muslims because no adherent to heavenly religions doesn’t know Abraham and (his son) Ismail,” he added.

Earlier this month, Tancredo told about 30 people at a town hall meeting in the state of Iowa that he believes a nuclear terrorist attack on the US could be imminent and that the US needs to think of a way to stop it. source

Yes, Tancredo thinks that there should be some means to prevent a terrorist attack on the United States that could possibly kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. But he should never consider Islamic Holy sites as a target. Because that may anger those that would applaud an attack on America. Okay, I understand. A short video to show those that applauded on September 11, 2001:


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