Castro – Down For The Count?

There are many good reasons that the Cuban leadership would not want to announce the demise of Fidel Castro. Mainly, the slightly more than remote possibility that the people might just rise up and wrestle the leadership away from the next puppet to come along. Many rumors flying about the Internet today.

News ‘story’ today from Iran claiming that Castro still bitching about the ‘occupation’ of Guantanamo Bay by the United States.

According to international laws, the United States’ occupation of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in the southeast of Cuba is illegal and unacceptable, Fidel Castro told reporters on Friday. Castro called the base a constant center of crisis, which threatens Cuba’s security.

Apparently there is a yearly lease of $4085.00 that the United States pays promptly every year but Dictator Numero One just stores in his desk drawer. The article contains no direct quotes from Fidel and it’s old news so it has the distinct aroma of three day old fish.

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