John Doe #2

When people of limited intelligence get together and weave intricate conspiracy theories, I tend to laugh. However, when a group of highly intelligent people notice patterns of light and dark, black and white, time and space, locations, methods, opportunity, and motives, I’ll begin to take notice.

John Doe #2 was an image created after the bombing of the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Jose Padilla was the individual recently convicted for plotting a dirty bomb attack on the United States.

Convicted Al Qaeda operative Jose Padilla is seeking to hold former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and 59 other US officials responsible for what his lawyers say were abusive and unconstitutional tactics used against Mr. Padilla while he was held in military custody as an enemy combatant from 2002 to 2006.  source

What happens when the image of John Doe #2 is overlayed the image of Jose Padilla? Photoshop and ImageReady to the rescue:

One hell of a coincidence, that’s what happens. Timothy McVeigh decided to take the truth to his grave. Jose Padilla has decided to sue the Federal Government for his ‘mistreatment’ while under detention. I don’t get ‘tin foil hat’ very often. But there are exceptions.

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