Selective Outrage?

The Council on American Islamic Relations is offended by (in their words) a ‘Nazi-style cartoon depicting Iranians as roaches fleeing a sewer’ in this post.

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But CAIR appears to have no comment on the repression occurring in the Islamic Republic of Iran that Amnesty International condemns:

Amnesty International appalled at the spiraling numbers of executions Amnesty International is appalled at the reports of the execution of 21 people in Iran this morning, bringing the total number of executions recorded by the organization since the start of 2007 to 210.

This figure exceeds the 177 executions recorded in 2006, although the true figure for both years is likely to be higher. At least two child offenders were among those executed to date in 2007.

Amnesty International has catalogued scores of unfair trials in recent years and the organisation is concerned that many of those executed today faced unfair trials, and a failure to ensure that fair trial safeguards in death penalty cases are implemented in all cases without exemption or discrimination. more…

To wrap this up;
Cartoons are bad.
Islam is good.
I’ll try to remember that, CAIR.

Update: If you’d like to support a Free Press in this country, able to print whatever it deems newsworthy or comment worthy and without threats or acts of intimidation, here are some e-mail addresses of the newspaper that printed the above cartoon. and

Update September 9, 2007. Apparently the original cartoon, between the first and second grate, contained the word “Extremists”. The version that CAIR placed on their website, which is pictured at the top, the word is not legible at all. The image that was once at the CAIR website has now been removed. An important element that the cartoonist was attempting to make, that Iranian extremists are exiting Iran and causing trouble in surrounding countries, was rendered illegible.

A reply from the Columbus Dispatch to a reader:

Dear sir or madame:

Thank you for writing to The Dispatch.

You apparently are responding to a call from the Council of American-Islamic relations to write to me and to cartoonist Michael Ramirez to complain about a cartoon about the Iraqi regime’s support of violent extremists and terrorists throughout the Middle East.

CAIR claims the cartoon demeans all Iranians as cockroaches. But since the drain cover depicted in the cartoon is clearly labeled with “Iran” and “extremism” it is clear that the cartoon refers only to those elements of the Iranian regime who support extremism. In other words, it doesn’t come close to labeling all Iranians as cockroaches.

CAIR also likens the cartoon to Nazi propaganda. This is a remarkable display of intellectual gymnastics. Iranian President Ahmadinejad has called for the destruction of the Jewish state and questions the Holocaust, while his regime tries to develop nuclear weapons. If CAIR is truly concerned about the promotion of Nazi ideas and the use of Nazi methods, it should direct its attention to Tehran.

CAIR’s claims that its mission is to promote understanding of Islam and combat anti-Islamic information and anti-Islamic attitudes. That’s an honorable mission when it is directed at legitimate grievances.

In this case, CAIR has misrepresented this cartoon and missed the mark by fabricating a false grievance.

All the best,

Glenn Sheller
Editorial Page Editor
The Columbus Dispatch

2 Responses to “Selective Outrage?”

  1. haakondahl Says:

    CAIR is trying to confuse the issue, as well. “Fleeing”? Nobody thinks that this represents “Iranians … fleeing”. CAIR is trying to make this a cartoon directed against the honest, hard-working brown people of SomewhereElseistan. But if CAIR admits that the cartoon is about the origin and support of the terrorist and destabilizing influences in the region, they have a much harder time playing the victim.
    Nice try, CAIR. Gotcha.

  2. Urban Infidel Says:

    Cartoons! Good grief. If they weren’t so dangerous, they’d be funny.

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