Crackdown Continues in Iran

Leading the way back to the 7th century…

Iranian police have unveiled a list of “vices” — including makeup, un-Islamic dress and decadent movies — being targeted in an ongoing moral crackdown, a conservative newspaper reported on Monday.The list was published in the Jomhuri Eslami newspaper as part of a police drive launched in April which has seen the arrest of “thugs”, raids on underground parties, seizures of satellite dishes, and street checks of improperly dressed individuals.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last week urged police to keep up its crackdown on social vices, saying they must “fulfill their duties regardless of some opposition and propaganda.”

Some moderates have questioned the need for the moral crackdown but conservatives have applauded police for a drive they say is popular with the public and necessary to improve security in society.

“The list of illegal behaviour against the security and morality of society which will be pursued by police… has been announced,” the Jomhuri Eslami said.

The list, which does not make any reference to gender, highlights the fight against extortionists and drug dealers as well as what it terms “inappropriate” clothing which is short, tight or seethrough.

Thousands of women have been warned for wearing tight, short coats and skimpy headscarves and for flouting the Islamic dress code, which requires every post-pubescent woman to cover their hair and body contours.

“Wearing boots with short pants, wearing hats or scarves which do not fully cover hair and neck instead of the proper head veil and putting on unusual make-up that contradicts public chastity (is forbidden),” the list said.

“Wearing Western-style clothes and insignias of deviant groups (usually a reference to referring to Satanists or rappers),” was on the list alongside “production and distribution of decadent movies as well as private home-made videos.”

Iran has in recent months stepped up executions of criminals rounded up in the drive, in a clear warning to those deemed a menace to society. source

Not to mention that horror of horrors; alcohol!


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