Chavez to Visit Iran, Again

Once again, Venezuela’s crazy dictator is set to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran. It must be love.

Venezuela’s Chavez set to visit Iran

15 hours ago

TEHRAN (AFP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is to visit Iran this week for his latest visit to the Islamic republic, underlining the burgeoning ties between the two US foes, officials said Sunday.

However an Iranian official said Chavez would not be arriving on Sunday as previously announced.

“Chavez is not coming tonight and it is not sure if he will be here tomorrow,” said the official, who asked not to be named, without giving an explanation for the sudden change of plan.

Earlier, foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters that Chavez would arrive late Sunday accompanied by five ministers, including the foreign, oil and industry ministers.

Hosseini said the Venezuelan president would be signing an agreement on industry during his one-day visit.

Both Chavez and his self-proclaimed political “brother”, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are attending an OPEC summit in Riyadh, where Chavez warned oil could hit 200 dollars a barrel if the United States attacked Iran.

Chavez’s visit would be his fourth to Iran since Ahmadinejad took office in 2005. He last visited Iran as recently as July, laying the foundations alongside Ahmadinejad for a joint petrochemical plant.

Despite their cultural differences, Iran and Venezuela have in the last years forged increasingly strong ties based on their shared dislike of the United States.

Chavez is the most vocal cheerleader in Latin America for Iran and its nuclear programme, which is feared by the West to be a cover for weapons development although Tehran insists it is purely peaceful.

Amid increasingly cool ties with the West over the nuclear standoff, Iran has worked hard to cultivate its ties with Non-Aligned allies like Belarus, Bolivia Nicaragua, Syria and Venezuela.

Ahmadinejad last visited Venezuela in September, his third trip to the country. Source

One Response to “Chavez to Visit Iran, Again”

  1. Urban Infidel Says:

    So great, EC!

    And what is UP with the white high-top sneakers on the Revolutionary Guard?

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