Grown Up Christmas Wish

T’was two nights before Christmas and all through the house,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was bedridden with louse

The gays had been hung from the cranes for the reason,
to hearten the pious through the pilgrimage season

When what should pop up from Mahmoud’s well with a holler?
The Madhi, disheveled, clutched a green infidel dollar

Mahmoud ran through the streets with his heart all aflutter,
but tripped on some homeless face down in the gutter

He reached in his pocket for his sample enriched,
But spied ElBaradei, should the evidence be ditched?

He thought long and hard and a tear did appear,
his dream of annihilation had once been so near

Crescent moon on covered breast of the new-fallen snow,
And the aura of allah’s will and a nation aglow

When, what to his blood thirsty eyes should appear,
But a miniature goat, and twelve tiny reindeer

With a white bearded driver, an infidel so quick,
So Mahmoud reached for a sword to dispatch this St. Nick

But Nick was much faster and whipped out his Glock,
and set back the hands on that damned doomsday clock

Nick’s piece was still smoking as he spied that 12th critter,
And smoked that sorry ass too, with his eyes all aglitter

Then off Nick did fly with a message of worth,
“Merry Christmas to you, let there be Peace on Earth”

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